Weekly Update: 20 weeks...Halfway!

10:06 AM

Size of Baby: Baby is a banana this week.  Awesome.

Big Sister Cameryn:  She asks to see my 'big belly' everyday and laughs when I show it to her, she is so kind.  She was also able to feel the baby kick her when she was sitting in my lap.  She said, "Mommy, what was that?!"  I told her it was her baby sister kicking her and she said, "Well, that isn't very nice.  She needs to be nice."
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +5
Maternity Clothes: Mostly pants. I can still get away with wearing non-maternity shirts.
Gender: Girl
Movement: Yes, especially mid day.
Sleep: I sleep well.  I try to go to bed at 9 every night.  Some nights I toss and turn but mostly I close my eyes and I'm out!
Symptoms:  I no longer have a complete previa.  Last week I had no nausea at all.  I went 7 whole days without losing a meal.  The streak was broken earlier this week, but it's okay.  I'm just so relieved that the nausea isn't 24/7.  I've also felt Braxton Hicks contractions.  These seem early (to me) but I guess I am just able to recognize them now!
What I Miss:  Going for a long run.  We've had some really pleasant weather the past few days which  would have been perfect for a run.  Yes, you can run while pregnant, but it's not really comfortable.  I settled for a 3 mile walk but it's definitely not the same.
Cravings:  None. 
Best Moment This Past Week:  Chris felt the baby kick last night!
What I Am Looking Forward To:  We are finally making some progress in the baby's room.  Meaning, we moved some things out of the closet in her room to another room.  It's the little things...
Missed the last update? Catch up here. (Yes, I skipped week 19.  I just don't see that much "change" from week to week!)

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