Conversations that create silence.

9:07 AM

The following is an actual conversation that I had with my mother over the past few days:

Me:  Mom!  We finally settled on a name!  We're still working on the spelling but we have a name, Baby Girl! (Okay, so that's not really her name, but we did decide on one!)

Mom:  Oh, I love it!  I am so excited to finally start ordering things and having them monogrammed.  Let me know when you decide on the spelling.

The following day..

Me:  Mom, the name will be spelled B-a-b-y.

Mom:  Hm.  That's a lot of the same kind of name sounds in your house. 

Me:  Well, we love it and its what we have decided.

Mom:  Is the middle name still g-i-r-l?

Me:  Yes, and Cameryn isn't thrilled.  She really wanted to name the baby Ella and she cried when we told her that wouldn't be the name.  She does not like what we have decided.

Mom:  Well, you may change your minds still.

Me:  No.  We won't.  Baby Girl is her name.  There will be no more discussion about it at all.

Mom:  Laurin, it isn't a dog.  You don't have to be so crude.

Me:  {silence} 

Mom:  I guess Cameryn and I will just call her Ella!

Me:  {silence}

Mom:  Okay, I need to go.


Conversations like this one are what prompt me to write blogs like this about sly, unsolicited advice. My mom has had an opinion about the baby's name from day one - she really wanted me to use a family name because she didn't give me one.  The problem?  Our family names are not really 2012 friendly.  Her latest suggestions were Henrietta and Buelah.  Her past suggestions that we immediately shot down were Voyle and Olie (both male) and Viola and Doris (both female). 

My mom, though she named me Laurin Rae, always said that she should have named me Laurin Lee because Lee is a family name.  (I tease her because Laurin Lee is very porn star-ish.)  But, my name wasn't always going to be Laurin Rae.  My mom wanted to name me after my two grandmothers, Doris and Betty and I would be called Dorbett.  (I'll let the horror of that sink in for a little bit.)  My dad said absolutely not and would never agree to it, hence, how I got my name.

Chris and I chose Cameryn's name before we even knew the gender.  Naming our second child has not been as easy.  He said that the names I liked were strange (aka "trendy" names) while I thought the names that he chose were more of the traditional/popular variety.  Finally, after 18 long weeks with input coming from multiple directions, we finally have a name.  A name that we both love that we really want other people to love as well.  And, for some reason, the support, the excitement, that we expected and we so desperately want just isn't there. 

And I don't get it, I really, really don't. 

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