Take it and shove it.

4:05 PM

I'm having one of those days.

The kind of day where everyone I know has an opinion about how I should do things - what I should feed my child, what cold medicine I should be taking to kick the sickies that I have had for a month even after antibiotics, what I should name my baby, what I shouldn't name my baby, what kind of SUV I should get because my car will be too small for two kids.  Seriously. 

I don't deal with this well.  In fact, the more that they talk to me about it, the less likely that I am to do it.  I'm pretty opinionated (as if you didn't know this by now.)

I should be used to it. 

When you have a child, somehow that marks you for life as someone who needs to know everything about how to raise a child the right way aka not the way you are currently raising your child.  Complete strangers seem to tell you the strangest things in the middle of the shoe store, the pharmacy, the bathroom, and they always start with, "When I had kids..."  And it takes every fiber of my being to tell them, "Lady, you had kids 50 years ago."  or  "No, crazy wacked out smelly lady buying the all-organic deodordant that obviously does not work, I do not want your opinion about all natural soap." 

Yeah, I have issues.  I know.

The biggest issue right now is that everyone has an opinion about my second child.  It just bugs the crap out of me.  Because I don't remember seeing these people in the bedroom when she was made.  So really, they can kiss my ass.  I know she's going to be every bit of the spitfire that Cameryn is.  Because I am.  Because her daddy is.  And when she comes into this world hell on wheels, chomping at the bit, and ready to tackle all of life's little crazies, I'm going to be right behind her cheering her on.  And I can pretty much guarantee you that one day she'll tell you to take your opinions and kiss her ass.

Just like I'm telling people today.  Because they can.  Nicely, of course.

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