Love Him. Hate him.

10:39 AM

Love him or hate him, either way, someone you know has an opinion about him. 

Tim Tebow took the nation by storm as an SEC quarterback and now he's doing it again in the NFL.  There are pictures of people that love him.  There are more pictures of people mocking him, "Tebowing" as they call it.  I'm tired of my Facebook feed being littered with comments about Tim Tebow, so here I am, blogging about him, because that's what he does.  He is the kind of person that we talk about.  He's not Lindsay Lohan, who we expect to fail and even laugh when she does, he's the kind of person that we talk about because we just don't believe that he can be that good

Truth- as an SEC quarterback, he got on my nerves.  Not because of Tim Tebow the man, but as Tim Tebow the Gator who consistently kicked Gamecock ass. 

Tebow was raised in a loving home where he, along with his siblings, were homeschooled by his mother.  He spent his summers in his birthplace, the Philippines, working beside his parents in his father's ministry.  Tebow isn't just good on the field, he's good everywhere.  He spent, and still spends, his free time with others who are less fortunate than him - in orphanages, hospitals, and homeless shelters.  He created a foundation to help others and has the support of many other NFL players, but we don't hear about those players because they're not 'good.'  He isn't afraid to declare his love of Christ.  I think that is what makes people hate him - because he brought God into football, the All-American pastime.  Nevermind that players have been lifting a finger in the air towards their God for years or that before every game a prayer is said.  Tim Tebow made it known that he believes and *GASP* he believes that God is who made him an athlete.  He puts bible verses on his face.  He isn't afraid.

And people hate him for it.  People hate him because he's a damn good athlete and he believes in God.  Tim Tebow fails, we all fail, but when he fails people rejoice because they don't want to believe that someone like him can be that great.  Michael Jordan was an athlete, he's successful, but he didn't write his beliefs on his face or thank his God after every play, and therefore, he's okay. He's not hated.   But our community wants to see Tim fail because in our world, it's just not possible that a man can be successful at everything he does.  It's just not possible that he can still be a virgin at his age, the haters believe that he's gay.  It's just not possible that he can carry around his bible and be a football player and have the kind of presence that makes people gravitate toward him.  (The night before the National Championship game while at UF, several players went missing the night before the game.  They were found in Tim's room, where he was reading passages in the Bible, because the pressure of the game was getting to the players.) 

I find it ridiculous that so many people spend so much time hating a man, when what they really hate is that he led his team to the playoffs as the backup quarterback and kicked some NFL ass.  So to the Tebow haters, I say this:  Grow up and find something and someone else to hate.  Tebow believes that football comes last after family, faith, and life.  When Tebow is done with football, we're still going to hear about him because he's going to do things far greater than you and I could even imagine.

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