Today's Public Service Announcement, brought to you by Me.

3:24 PM

Hey, people, do me a favor.  Enable your email, please!  I've received several comments that I cannot reply to and that frustrates me.  I may be slow in replying back to you, but I'll do it IF and only IF you enable your email. 
Here's how:

Log into your dashboard and click on 'Edit Profile'
There's a little box that says 'Show My Email'

See, it's that easy.

And, while I'm thinking about it, one more thing... it's no secret that Blogger has issues with comments.  Have you noticed?  Sometimes your sucked into an endless loop.  So, the easiest (note:  not emotionally safest!) way to fix that is to enable "anonymous" comments... Scary, huh?  Just remember that by doing so you leave yourself vulnerable to all of the crappy people in this world! 
Here's how:

Log into your dashboard, and go to the 'Settings' link
Click on the 'Comments' Link
Who Can Comment?  Anyone

Thank you for your attention.  This PSA is now complete.

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