Half-Marathon Week Two

9:43 AM

Here's the recap for week two of my half marathon training plan.  I'm not following the plan exactly, I like to base my workouts on how I am feeling that day.  I also ran a lot more last week thanks to our current living situation (two more days people, two more days!)  Currently, I'm battling shin splints so I may have to pull back on the running for a little while and focus more on strength.

Monday - Bob Harper's Cardio Conditioning Video
Tuesday- 2 miles
Wednesday- 3 miles
Thursday- 3 miles
Friday-  Rest day!
Saturday- 4 miles on treadmill
Sunday- Rest day!

What I learned this week:

1.  I need to focus more on strength.  The Bob Harper video kicked my butt.  It's amazing how you can feel so strong while running and so weak when doing lunges and kettlebells for an hour!

2.  I need to pay attention to my body and listen when it tells me that it is tired or hurting! 

3.  Treadmill runs are so much easier.  I felt as if I could have run for several more miles at a 10 min or less pace but I stopped only because we had errands to run that day.  However, my knees hold up much better outside than on the treadmill which stikes me as odd!

Need to catch up?  Here's week 1.

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