What I'm Lovin'

11:57 AM

It's Wednesday, loves! 

I'm loving that Cameryn was able to spend a fun weekend with her cousins!
  I am so glad that Cameryn and her cousins get along well.  I am so lucky to have wonderful in-laws that I enjoy spending time with.  We had such a fabulous weekend!

Believe it or not, they were thrilled to be there!  Really...

I'm loving that Cameryn had a great time in the water park and the arcade and found things that she loved to do.  Though she wasn't quite tall enough for the BIG slides like her cousin Bryce, the arcade (this pink bus in particular) made up for it.

I'm loving all of the birthday love!  ALREADY!  Which means that I am dreaming of all of the wonderful things that I will soon get to do.

Shopping for clothes... and shoes...

A much, much needed hair appointment!
Dinner and wine with friends...

I'm loving the half-marathon training plan that I started this week.  (Yes, I may have lost my mind.)  Will I run a half-marathon?   Probably not, but I love the challenge.  I've pounded it into my head over and over  -
It's not how fast I run, it's that I do run. 

Today is the last day of my twenties!  Whhhhhhaaat?!
I'm going to enjoy it to the fullest!
What are you loving today? 
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