2:33 PM

I'm loving that my boys are ready.
24 days and counting...

 Alshon Jeffery, Bruce Ellington, Marcus Lattimore & Stephen Garcia

I'm loving this pin...
It would be even better in Cameryn's room.

I'm loving these bath accessories! 
I'm finally figuring out what style I want in our bedroom and bathroom and these fit right in!

I'm loving this idea.   I was just thinking last night that I wanted to find something to corral our remotes.  Who would have thought that an old Kleenex box would do the trick? 
Note to self, find a stylish Kleenex box...

I'm loving this little girl (and her daddy!)  Sassy attitude and all.

I'm loving and living up! the last week of my roaring twenties.

Link up with Jamie ..... What are you loving today?

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