Weekly Update - 30 weeks!

10:01 AM

Size of Baby: Almost 3 pounds, or the size of a head of cabbage.

Big Sister Cameryn:  She is so patient and asks a few times a week how much longer until the baby arrives.  I'm thinking about making a paper link chain (like the ones that we made in elementary school) to help her count down the days.  I get teary eyed sometimes when she talks about her baby sister and all of the things that she wants to teach her.  I can already see how much she loves her and I pray, everyday, that they have a special sisterly bond.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  +13  The doctor told me to invest in some ice cream because a few more pounds won't hurt.  I laughed - ice cream is the one thing that I still cannot keep down! 

Maternity Clothes: Yes, though at home I'm still wearing regular clothes and I've snagged some of Chris' t-shirts.

Gender: Girl (and yes, we do have a name!)

Movement:  She's moving all the time but she definitely isn't as active as Cameryn was (thankfully!)  Sometimes her bony elbows and knees scrape across my belly and it hurts!  She gets the hiccups at least four times a day.  My whole belly jiggles and shakes when she moves around and it's fun to watch. 

Sleep:  I sleep soundly most nights, thanks to tylenol pm.  Occasionally, I'll wake up because I am on my back.  I'm really looking forward to being able to sleep on my back and stomach in a few months!

Symptoms:  Braxton Hicks contractions are out of control.  I've even had a few real contractions.  This makes me both nervous and excited at the same time, it's still much too early for a baby (even though I would love to not be pregnant!) 

What I Miss:  At this point?  Everything about not being pregnant.  I'm just ready. 

Cravings:  Nothing in particular.  I still have a hard time with meals and I tend to snack on fruits and veggies most days and stay away from sweets.

Best Moment This Past Week:  Chris painted the nursery!  Bless that man.  He and Cameryn chose the color.  I really wanted yellow and he put his foot down and said no.  I didn't even fight him on it because it's his child too and except for the name, he's had very few opinions about anything baby.  I do love the color, and, as much as I love pink I never expected to have pink walls in our home!

What I Am Looking Forward To:  Organizing the nursery, pulling out baby toys, finding things to hang on the walls.  I did order both girls a bible verse to hang on their wall.  I'll be sure to share them as soon as they arrive!

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