Our Mini-Trip to Myrtle Beach

3:26 PM

We took a little trip to Myrtle Beach over the weekend.  Chris and I were engaged and married there, so going back is always a bit nostalgic.  We had a great time, even if it was slightly cool and rainy!  A mini-vacation to the beach, in the rain, is absolutely better than no vacation at all.  However, I was exhausted by the end of three days.  Being on your feet for hours, almost 30 weeks pregnant, is no joke (either that or I'm just weak!)

We arrived about 3pm on Friday afternoon and headed out to Broadway at the Beach since it is extremely kid friendly and also close to our hotel.  The kids had a great time walking in and out of the shops.  Cameryn was intrigued by the WonderWorks upside house and we had to go back a few times just so she could check on it to be sure that it hadn't collapsed.  We had dinner at Senor Frogs and finished just before the craziness ensued!

They had a little follow the leader dance session as we were walking out and of course the kids jumped right on stage. They were so funny trying to keep up with the claps and turns!

Saturday it rained off and on, all day.  Poor Cameryn, to say that she was excited to actually go to the beach was an understatement.  She was devastated when it was too cold (barely 70!) to swim in the pool or stick her feet in the ocean.  We decided to walk around Barefoot Landing and run in and out of the shops while in poured.  While we were there we saw that they had a Tiger Preservation Station and Chris immediately went to see what it was all about.  Unfortunately, they didn't open until 5pm and it was noon, and after a little research, we discovered that they would have tigers to watch but that they also offered pictures.  With a tiger cub.  Or a wolf cub.  Or a monkey.  I think that everyone knows that our family is slightly animal obsessed.  Chris and Cameryn were both super excited, however, I was a little leary of the cost because it wasn't cheap.  We ended up going back at 5pm, in the pouring rain, but we only told Cameryn that she would be able to see the tigers, we didn't promise her a picture because we just weren't sure that we wanted to shell out the money to hold a tiger. 

But we did. And our one 8x10 cost as much as a tank of gas for our SUV, but the look on Cameryn's face says it all (and the funds from the picture go directly back to the care of the animals at the preservation.)  The cub, an orange Bengal, was 6wks old.  Awesome.  We also held a gibbon monkey that was sweet (we didn't pay the extra money for those pictures though!), and I was really surprised as to how soft his hands were. I guess you notice strange things when you're out of your element!

Another pic of "our" cub.

They had three young adult tigers on the site as well, they were just over a year old and weighed about 500 lbs  - two orange bengals and a white bengal.  They were incredible.  We stood for an hour watching them play.

Before the mommy and the animal activists get all crazy - we would never put our child or the animals in danger.  We would never support a cause that we didn't 'believe' in.  The tigers are only at this "station" for about 3 hours.  All of the tigers come from the T.I.G.E.R.S preservation in North Myrtle Beach, which is a nationally recognized preserve for wild animals.  Check it out, it's really, really cool.  Has anyone has ever seen the videos of the orangutan and the dog who are BFF's?  They live here, too. We plan on taking Cameryn there sometime next year because it will probably take us that long to save up for the cost of admission for the three of us!

We did take Cameryn to see the beach on Sunday, but it was overcast and dreary.  We headed home, exhausted.  Chris surprised Cameryn with a seashell that he found on the beach.  She was happy to have it, but she said, "The tiger was better."

I agree!

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