Big Girl Bike

7:00 AM

Cameryn received a 'big girl' bike for Christmas and has attempted to ride it a few times.  She gets scared because we live on a hill so she freaks out and jumps off as soon as she begins going too fast.  There is an elementary school near our house that a lot of families go to on the weekend to let their kids ride because it's a completely flat surface and safe.  We have been trying to convince Cameryn to go for weeks and finally she agreed to it late Sunday afternoon around 5:30.

She nervous at first and didn't want Chris to let go of her but once she was comfortable she was riding by herself in a matter of minutes.  I'm so proud of her!  She really liked riding in the gravel because she said that she liked the sound.  She's so silly!  Learning to turn was a little tricky at first but she did get the hang of it and was turning corners like a pro.

She said that she wants to come back with her friends so that they can all ride together!  Sounds like a good idea to me! 

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