10:35 AM

We spent Easter weekend at home with Chris' mom (aka Nana) who drove down from Raleigh.  We missed PJ who was stuck working that weekend!

Saturday we took Cameryn to the zoo and WOW!  was it busy!  Apparently, the week before and after Easter are the busiest weeks at the zoo!  Cameryn was overjoyed at the fact that she was finally able to ride Caroline, the black pony, who she has been waiting to ride for months.  We have been telling Cameryn that she must be four years old and that she has to eat healthy foods and get plenty of sleep so that she can grow big enough to ride Caroline.  They match the rider and pony by size, and typically Caroline treats the older, bigger kids to a ride but since the zoo was so busy, they were more concerned about matching the smaller ponies to the much smaller kids.  Cameryn's eyes were huge when Caroline stood next to the platform, she looked up at Chris and said, "I get to ride her?!  NOW!?"  When he said yes, she jumped up and down and said, "I'm so, so 'cited to ride her!  I'm big enough now!"  The smile didn't leave her face for hours.  And a week later, she is still talking about it.  I'm slightly disappointed that I don't have a reason to bribe her anymore! 

Saturday night Cameryn and Nana stayed home and dyed eggs while Chris and I went on a date.  We treated ourselves to dinner at Outback, grabbed a few things for Cameryn's easter basket, and headed home.  We weren't gone but a few hours, but it was fantastic!  Chris and I chatted away at dinner and it was absolutely wonderful to be out with him and not have our conversation interrupted a million times.  We haven't been on a date in over a year! 

We skipped church on Sunday morning but Cameryn still wanted to wear her pretty Easter dress!  Our Easter egg hunt was a coolor than normal this year, so she had to wear long sleeves under her dress, but she didn't mind!

We had a fantastic Easter and it was nice to visit with Nana for a few days!

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