Birthday Party Fun!

8:00 AM

 We went to a fun, outdoor birthday party over the weekend for Izabell who celebrated her first birthday!

Cameryn was excited that one of her friends from school was also at the party.  Normally, these two girls don't get along very well (they both have strong personalities!) but they were buddies today!

Izabell loved her cake!  She was so cute and put her fingers in the icing over and over!  Forget the actual cake, the icing was enough! 

Doug even had a little taste of Izabell's smash cake too, thanks to Jen!  I, along with many other people, really wished that she had smashed it completely in his face.  But Jen, being the smart girl that she is, also knew that she had to get back to PA in her dad's car!

Cameryn and Parker (Izabell's 'boyfriend') sat in the wagon while Izabell opened her gifts.

They had an impromptu balloon release at the end of the party while cleaning up.  So simple, but so sweet and I think a new birthday tradition was created!

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