Weekly Update

11:27 AM

Thank you for all the well wishes!  We are very excited.  I guess that I should do a weekly update, though I don't know if I will actually do one every week, especially at the beginning because week to week, nothing really changes!

Baby #2 Highlights

How Far Along: 9 weeks, 6 days

Size of Baby: About the size of a grape, which doesn't exactly make me want to eat the grapes that are sitting in my fridge!

Big Sister Cameryn: She doesn’t talk so much about the baby.  She is much more interested in the fact that she used to be in my tummy.  We've looked at her ultrasound pictures many times.  She's also having a difficult time understanding that she cannot jump on me like she used to!  We did move the nursery furniture out of her room and put new big girl furniture in her room.  We want the transition to be as easy as possible as she is not one who adapts to change well.

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  ZERO!

Sorry for the blurry phone pic!

Maternity Clothes: Some.  I have a few shirts that I have been wearing.  Just because they are more comfortable.  I have one on in the pic above!

Gender: We don’t know but we will know when I am 14 weeks, which is the week of Chris' birthday!  I am at risk for an incompentent cervix and go for weekly (measurement) ultrasounds from 14-23 weeks and of course we look at the baby, too!  I found out with Cameryn at 13 weeks 5 days!

Movement: None yet. 

Sleep: I am sleeping well.  I get up every single morning around 4 am to pee though.

Symptoms: All day nausea.  I am taking zofran during the day and phenergan at night. 

What I Miss:  Running or working out on a regular basis.  I have not felt well enough to do any sort of physical activity.  I get home, make dinner, get Cameryn to bed and then go to bed myself! 
I was able to run the past two nights, which is fantastic!  I've really enjoyed getting out of the house, plus, the fall colors are beautiful! 

Cravings: Orange Juice. 

Best Moment This Past Week: Seeing our little love nugget for the first time and finally being able to tell our friends!  We waited a little longer with this pregnancy than we did with Cameryn's since I miscarried in July.

What I Am Looking Forward To:   The second trimester, which is still a few weeks away!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will bring me some relief and that I won't be so sick.

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