The Power of Prayer

8:34 AM

I know first hand how powerful prayer can be.  Today, I am asking for your prayers for a friend of mine.  Chris and I went to college with Joe and had many of the same friends. 

On November 15 in PA, Joe's brother, Kevin, was walking home after watching Monday Night Football with friends.  He steps away from his door when he was approached by a man who demanded money, but before Kevin could hand over any belongings, the gunman shot him in the neck.  The gunman got away, but Kevin is battling serious injuries and it is doubtful that he will regain any movement below his neck. 

Please pray for the family as they navigate thru this difficult time.  You can read Kevin's story here: 

You can see an interview with the family and a picture of the suspect here.

Thank you.  So very much.

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