Breaker, Breaker 1-9...

10:07 AM

Cameryn's sleep schedule is off.  I blame it on Daylight Saving Time.  Chris leaves the house every morning around 5:30 and this week, not ten minutes after the door closes I hear little feet running through the house.  *Sigh*  Cameryn is awake.  I am not really a morning person.  Meaning, I don't like to get up before my alarm goes off, especially if the waking up part comes just a few minutes before the alarm sounds.  Anyway, Chris was off work Monday and Tuesday, so Cameryn slept until 6 or so.  Chris did some work around the house on Monday, which was great.  I love it when he can get some little things done (last week he installed a new faucet in our bathroom.)  I was cleaning up dinner on Monday, went to turn on the garbage disposal and it didn't work.  So I let Chris know.  His response?  "Oh, I turned off the breaker to save electric."
My husband.
It's one thing to turn off the breaker of the things that we don't use regularly.  But the garbage disposal?  Um, no.
Wednesday, I did laundry.  The washer and dryer didn't turn on.  Yep, the breaker, again.
Fast forward to 3am this morning.  I hear little feet running through the living room. 
"Mommy.  I want to get in your bed." 
I get out of bed and dear god, it is freezing in our house.  I put Cameryn back to bed in her room and put the down comforter over her when she falls asleep.  (She's very picky about what can be touching her when she is awake.)
I check the thermostat.  60 degrees, but the heat is set at 68.  I turned the thermostat off and back on again - no luck.  So, I walk out into the garage to look at the breaker box.  And yes, you guessed it, the breaker was off.
My husband flipped the switch for the "attic," and in doing so, turned off all the plugs in the attic, including the furnace.   To save electricity, of course. 

As of 3am today, his breaker box privileges have hereby been revoked.

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