Turkey Cookies

10:28 AM

This weekend we did a little grocery shopping, a little baking, and we decorated our house for Christmas.  Yes, it may be too early for some people, but since Chris works most weekends I took advantage of his being home and spent the afternoon decorating the tree. 

Cameryn and I did a little baking yesterday.  I love that she likes to be so involved in preparing meals and desserts.  The more she helps in the kitchen, the more likely she is actually eat the food!  Today at school, they are celebrating Thanksgiving and normally the parents are asked to bring a dish to share, but this year the owners are supplying all of the food.  I had already planned on making these cookies before I found out we wouldn't have to bring anything, and really, I didn't want to send her empty handed.  The owners do so much for our children, I felt like sending cookies was the least I could do!

I was so proud of Cameryn because she did everything except spread the chocolate frosting and the orange frosting on the cookies.  She added the candy corn and tiny sprinkles for the eyes, I was really impressed with her patience.  Overall, these were a lot of fun for her to make!

Sorry for a phone pic, it's what was close by!

Turkey Cookies

1 roll/package Sugar Cookies
1 bag candy corn
1 container Chocolate Frosting
Orange Frosting
Sprinkles or mini M&M's for eyes (I used sprinkles because I had them on hand)


Bake cookies as directed on roll or package. Cool.              
Spread a thin line of chocolate frosting on outer edge of half of cookie.
Arrange candy corn over frosting for feathers.
Pipe orange icing (or gel) onto each cookie for the turkey face and feet.
Use orange icing to attach sprinkles or m&m's to turkey face for eyes. 

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