10 Random Thoughts

10:20 AM

1.  Am I the only one who doesn't like the acronym RIP?  I think it's vulgar and ugly and not peaceful at all.  Mainly because I don't read it as 'rest in peace'.  I read it as 'rip'.  (So, maybe it's just my problem?!)  Plus, RIP is always on the creepy tombstones in movies.  Currently, RIP is all over my FB feed due to the passing of Joe Frazier and Heavy D.  Each time I see RIP, I shudder.

2.  I never posted about Halloween.  Cameryn was a Tiger for Halloween.  We ordered her costume from Amazon a few weeks before and the costume ran small so it didn't fit.  We returned it but Amazon didn't have the next size up.  We looked in every store in town, but no one had the next size.  So, we ordered another costume online, hoping and praying that it would arrive in time - the guaranteed delivery date was November 3!  Well, it did arrive on time.  Cameryn stood at the end of the driveway waiting for the big brown truck to make its way to our house.  She had her little hands together in prayer formation saying over and over, "Please let that man in the truck bring my costume.  Please please please!"  He did.

3. I already have a few Christmas decorations up in my house.  A pink Christmas tree in Cameryn's room and a light up snowman in our living room.  Both make me insanely happy.  Even if it is 75 degrees outside.

4.  My child woke up yesterday with one eye swollen shut, thankfully, after a couple of doses of Benadryl she was good to go.  Poor thing.  She is just like her daddy - she is allergic to unknowns.  Chris once drank an off brand of a red sports drink and his entire face began to swell.  The day of our friend's wedding he woke up with his entire face a big swollen mess.  I do feel bad for him when it happens, I cannot help but laugh.  He looks like an alien.  After some testing, even the allergist has no idea what causes his reactions, so now we carry Benadryl and an epi-pen wherever we go.

5.  I want to learn how to do this.

Source: google.com via Ada on Pinterest

6.  Cameryn had her 3 year well check up last week.  She is in the 85% for height at 38 3/4in and the 80th percentile for weight at 34lbs.  The check up was traumatic and I blame it all on the process.  I made a few recommendations to my doctor as well who totally agreed with me... Peeing in a cup and the eye exam should come AFTER shots and finger pricking.  It's very difficult to have an eye exam when you cannot see because you are crying so hard.  Cameryn is now on Miralax every day for her issues.   I am so, so happy to say that it works!  She has gone every other day since we started Miralax. 

7.  I am going to attempt to make homemade laundry detergent.  Detergent is expensive these days and I find that the cheap stuff doesn't work as well as my go-to brand.  This 'recipe' makes enough for 6 months or more and the reviews say that it cleans as well as the more expensive brands!  You add your own soap, so those with sensitive skin don't need to worry about it being too harsh. 

8.  Chris ate all of the good Halloween candy (chocolate!) out of Cameryn's stash.  Jerk.

9.  Chris took Cameryn to Pet's, Inc. yesterday to visit all of the animals who still need a home.  He always sends me a picture of the cute animals. 

Yesterday, he sent me this.  Yes, I realize the dog needs a home, but this does not tear at my heart strings!

10.  I will be making these.  Soon.

Peanut Butter Fudge Rice Krispies

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