Thursday Thoughts

3:51 PM

I went to buy new body wash today and in the process of smelling one bottle (come on, you know you do it too) I ended up squirting a big blob of it into my nose.  Am I the only person that this happens too?  So now I am walking around smelling that particular not so lovely body wash because its since dried in my nose. 


I've started making my Christmas list.  Normally I ask for clothes or giftcards for clothes (I rarely buy clothes without them) but this year it seems silly to ask for clothes.  To be honest, I'm having a difficult time listing things that I would want as a gift.  I'd love a new phone.  Or an iPad.  Wishful thinking, though.   Have you made your Christmas list? 


A friend of mine asked me if I had thought about baby names.  Thinking about naming my kid makes my head hurt.  I don't feel the pressure to get everything done right away like I did with my first child, but a name is something that I have thought about every now and then.  I have a post it note with a few names on it.  Considering we find out the gender before most people do, I feel lucky, because those extra weeks are actually needed in order to go to battle over a name with my husband.  His top two choices when naming Cameryn both came from the movie The Matix, neither of which were acceptable choices (Neo?  I think not.)  I don't want my kids name to come up on some "WTF was the parent thinking when naming their kid" article on BabyCenter.


Am I the only person who loved the Twilight books but hate the movies?  I don't feel as if the big love story between Bella and Edward is portrayed as a big love story on screen.  I think that Bella (okay, really, it's Kristen Stewart) comes off with a permanent scowl and a bad attitude.  She just ruins it for me. 


Holiday dinners are always a little stressful with my family.  You can read about here.  Should be much of the same craziness this year, minus the pumpkin soup.  I think.  However, this year, my sister in law has requested a more traditional meal instead of the gourmet meals that my mom and brother prepare.  I hate to tell her, but it's not happening.  Last I heard they were making handmade tuna sushi for appetizers.  My mom and brother in the kitchen together is like an Iron Chef meets Paula Deen competition.  I'm bringing dessert again this year.  But, of course, I was given orders as to what to make... Pumpkin Cheesecake with Caramel Sauce. 

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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