9:49 AM

The morning radio show that I listen to brought up an interesting thought several weeks ago:  Do we "peak" at some point in our lives with our looks?  Do we have a few really good years before we go downhill?  The men on the show, and it is all men on the show except for a few female guests, seemed to think that their "peak" lasted 5-7 years while a woman's "peak" lasted 3-5. 

I agree.

My peak has come and gone, people, and I am thoroughly disappointed.  My peak was in my early 20's (good god, that makes me feel so old).  Need evidence?  All of these pictures were taken 2005-2007.  Three whole years.

Look!  I had a waist!

My dress, though made to fit, was too big for me the day of my wedding.  It was a size 4.

Abs, anyone?

And then, the downfall.  All pictures were taken 2008-2011.

Some may argue that my peak happened before I had children and your body and metabolism change afterward, I had more "me" time before I had kids, blah blah blah.  Truth is, I probably peaked.  And, for me, it is pretty disappointing, but just a fact of life.

Do you agree or disagree that people "peak" at some point in their lives?  Have you "peaked"?

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