I did it again. I went MIA.

3:04 PM

I never intend to leave my little blog hanging, but I do.  I find myself writing down little reminders of blog topics but then as quickly as they come to me, I also lose that little post it note.

So, let's catch up, shall we?

Two weeks ago... I went to sunny Laguna Hills, CA for a week long business trip.  It was my first "big girl" business trip.  I was hesitant to leave my kids for a week, but they managed.  Cameryn was a little teary saying goodbye, Jordin just smiled, and I managed to hold it together thinking about the possibilities of the week ahead.  I've been juggling the idea of a career change for a few months, simply because my job description has been slim to none and at the same time constantly changing.  Strange, right?  I can be so busy one day that I barely have time to eat and the next day it's so quiet that the only phone call I get is from my own cell phone making sure the lines still work.  The past six months or so have been long and challenging, and I've really struggled, internally, as to what I should do.  I went to CA with an open mind and fully prepared to walk away from my company if I didn't like what I heard.  I didn't get every answer that I wanted, but I did find camaraderie's that weren't there before.  I did find a group of people that I really like to work with.  I found a company that isn't as rigid as they appear.  I came back from CA refreshed, excited, and had a desire to give my position 100%.  Am I excited as to what my job description is right now?  No, but I have better idea of the big picture and that is something that I can get on board with.

I also came home to a husband who was struggling with what he should do with his career.  That might have played a little into my decision to stay where I am, too.  Now he's on the hunt for a new career, a better life.  He works, a lot, as most people who work retail do. And sometimes, it sucks.  It really, really sucks.  We have a routine, we manage, but having one weekend a month as a family just isn't working. 

A week ago...

Jordin got another ear infection.  Her 3rd in 4 months.  I've never seen her this miserable.  We are on day 5 of a 10 day med and since she just had an ear infection (in the other ear) before I left for CA, we're going back for a follow up next week.  I did ask about tubes and their rule thumb for referrals is 3 ear infections in 6 months unless it's the end of the winter season (which it is) and then it's 4 infections in a year.  Honestly, I'm hoping that they just refer us for tubes.  She's 9 mo old next week, she's not crawling yet.  She's not talking a lot yet.  She doesn't have any teeth.  She has spent the past month screaming and crying and staying up all day and night.  She's not the happy baby that she was before.  My mother in law works for an ENT so as soon as they give me the go ahead, we're making an appointment.  Am I worried about the 15min procedure?  No way.  I'm just not that parent.

Over the weekend...

I spent time with my girls.  I didn't do laundry.  I didn't deep clean.  I did a little surface cleaning and that's it.  I posted a few pics on Instagram but other than that, I hardly posted anything, anywhere.  The girls and I were all suffering from a cold but we made the best of it.  Saturday while we were out running errands, Cameryn saw a bouquet of roses and asked if she could buy them for me.  Because she loves me.  Because I have been taking care of them while they are sick.  How do you say no? 

I packed them up and took them to Panera, then Toys R Us and Buy Buy Baby.  I treated them to a toy of their choice, just because.  It's been a long time since I bought either of them an actual toy and for some reason I just thought, why not today?  We buy books because I will never say no to a book, but never toys.  At the end of the day, Cameryn told me that she had the best weekend ever.  And I couldn't help but think that maybe she had the best day.


I tweeted that I am challenging myself to tweet/post only positive things.  Because the negativity and debbie downer attitude is just getting old, from myself and from others.  The negativity is contagious and creates a constant downward spiral.  So, I'm reading uplifting quotes.  If I start to think of one negative thing, I counteract it by thinking of something positive.  So far, it's working. 

A prayer, if you would...

A friend of mine said goodbye to her husband yesterday as he deployed to Afghanistan.  I cannot imagine how difficult it's going to be for her and her almost two year old over the next year.  Right now, she and all of the other families, and their soldiers, need your prayers for strength. 

Have a great week, lovelies!

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