12:47 PM

I woke up with my eyelids stuck together, that was an incredible way to start my Friday.  South Carolina pollen is ridiculous March-April and my sinuses are going insane.  I popped some zyrtec which will help.  But what I really need is someone to tell me how to pull off the pink-eye look.  Yikes.


Jordin has slept thru the night all but one night this week.  SCORE!  I changed her food up a little bit and I think that it has helped.  I make some of it, some is jarred, and sometimes it is just whatever we are eating.  But, I switched jarred brands, from Gerber to Earth's Best.  EB seems to have more flavors and I want to expose Jordin to as many things as I can.  But, no matter how many times I try, she won't eat anything that contains apples or oatmeal.  Must be a texture thing.  Also?  No avocado.  I'm allergic to it so I cannot have it around.  I should feel like I'm the worst mother of the year because I don't serve my kids avocado, but I don't.  My kids also had chicken nuggets for dinner last night, the frozen kind, from a bag, shaped like dinosaurs.  Again?  No mom guilt here.  Try it some time.


I haven't worked out since last week.  I do however have seven workouts that I have created and stored on my phone.  I need to use them. 


Chris has an interview on Monday.  We're crossing our fingers and toes that he makes it to the final round and gets an offer.  Yes, we would have to move and deal with all of the headaches that moving entails, but we'd be moving to Charlotte and we'd be with some of our best friends.  It'd be bittersweet really, leaving our best friends here to be closer to our best friends there.  This would be an incredible opportunity and the job would be a better fit for our family, he wouldn't work weekends and he'd be home for dinner every night.  So, if you feel inclined, say a little prayer for us.


As I was in the middle of writing this post, we had a dog emergency.  I'll be back to write about it later once I get my emotions in check. 

Happy Friday!

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