Tuesday Tidbits

11:59 AM

I made it through the past few days without a hazmat suit.  So, yes, that statement is 100% accurate.


Our house caught a stomach bug.  I had it first beginning Saturday night and all day Sunday.  Cameryn had it yesterday and the man-child Chris has it today.  And you know that since my husband has it, the virus is so much worse than when Cam and I had it.  Like he's vomiting worms or something.  He actually asked me to get him a drink, headache meds, and to rub his feet.  I drew the line at rubbing his feet.  No.  Just no.


I laugh-cried yesterday when Cameryn threw up in my car on the way to take Jordin for her last injection.  Luckily she had on a skirt and leggings so she just took off her skirt and wore her clean(er) leggings into the doctor's office.  And then I laugh-cried when we got home and the dog had thrown up all over my house.   I cleaned my car and my house.  Cam seemed fine most of the day, she didn't have any more episodes.  We had to go get Jordin from daycare and I gave her a bag to vomit in, just in case. She used the bag. And then laid the bag down on the car seat where it proceeded to run out all over the car.

Yeah, I cried.  And laughed.  And cried some more.


Jordin had her nine month check up last week.  She hasn't gained any weight since December and she was diagnosed with double ear infections.  She has had ear infections every 17 days for the past 6 weeks.  She was given of the oral antibiotics for previous infections that obviously did not clear up, so she was started on injectable antibiotics (Rocephin) - Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  By Sunday, she was feeling so much better.  I haven't seen her that happy in quite some time.  She even slept through the night Sunday and Monday night which hasn't happened since early December. 

The pediatrician gave us an ENT appointment for March 25, that was quickly rescheduled by the ENT for April 22.  I called our pediatrician this morning and let them know what was going on, they were not happy to hear about the rescheduling and we were rescheduled again for April 2.  Thank goodness!  I'm relieved that Jordin will be getting tubes in the next month or so and that she won't have to suffer from these silly infections anymore.


Jordin, so far, hasn't had the stomach flu.  Pray, people, pray. 


Cameryn told me last night that she wants a brother.  No.  Just no.


There seems to be a lot of NO going around here today.


On the bright side? I had donuts for dinner last night at 10pm and I lost 8 pounds in the past few days thanks to the stomach bug.  That's pretty awesome.
Until it isn't. 
Because I started eating again today. 


Spring starts tomorrow.  But apparently Spring didn't get the memo that the warm 79* weather should stick around.  Nope, instead Spring is sending cold, rainy weather our way just in time for the weekend.  Too bad that we can't place a delivery order for warm weather, tans, and our skinny selves.  Jimmy Johns could have that at our door super fast, if so.


Meanwhile,  it's Tuesday.  A fresh 24 hours that are mine.  Here's to a brand new day. 


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