Some Days...

10:04 AM

Some days... I feel like a complete failure when I go to bed. 

Some days.... I feel like I haven't spent any time with Jordin when she comes home, because she is exhausted and goes right to sleep.

Some days... I am so frustrated because the laundry doesn't do itself, the bathrooms get dirty too quickly, and I don't want to vaccuum.  Again.

Some days... I feel as if everyone needs a piece of me when I get home and there isn't enough time in the day to do anything for me.

Some days... I wonder how it is that Cameryn and I can be so much alike.  Sun and rain.  Fire and ice.

Some days... I wonder what it will be like when my girls are older, will we get along? Or will our relationship be strained like it is with my own mom?  Will the girls be best friends and giggle late at night? 

Every day... I pray that my girls will feel this way.  That every day, IS the best day.

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