She is wiser than her years.

9:56 AM

I am rarely left speechless.  Friday, however, was one of those rare occasions where there are just no words.

Cameryn usually tells me all about her day and her friends on our drive from school to home.  Earlier in the week she had told me they had a new friend at school, she didn't know his name, she just referred to him as the "boy in the blue shirt."  I asked her if she played with him and if she liked him, she shook her head and said, "I don't know his name and I don't want to play with him."  I shrugged it off as typical 3-4 yr old behavior and didn't spend one more second thinking about it.

Friday, I was exhausted.  Jordin slept a total of three hours the night before and I was really looking forward to the long weekend.  I walked into daycare and headed straight for the office to let them know that we were planning a little vacation in a few weeks and that the girls wouldn't be there.  The owner looked at me, his face all kinds of serious, and said, "We had an incident today."  I knew right then and there that this wasn't going to be good news.  He went on, "Cameryn was on the playground and she was punched in the face.  She's okay, we iced her cheekbone, and we've dealt with the problem." 

I was speechless. 

How was my child punched in the face?  What kind of child would do something like that?  And why?  Why did it happen to Cameryn?

I looked at him and said, "Who did it?"  I knew that he wouldn't tell me, for privacy reasons, but I went on to say, "You might as well tell me because she will before we even get to the car."  He just shook his head and said, "I can't tell you, you know that!  I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry that it happened."

I wasn't mad like one would expect in this situation.  I just felt so terrible for my child, what could she possibly have done to deserve this?  So, I asked, "Did she punch back?" 

"No," he said, "but next time she might."

I shrugged and walked right into her classroom.  Her teacher came right up to me and said, "Oh Laurin, did they tell you about the incident?  We have a new boy in the class who is autistic.  Cameryn was playing with a truck on the playground and the boy wanted it and walked right up and punched her in the face - he didn't even ask her for it, there was no warning.  Laurin, I am so sorry.  She is okay though."

Cameryn ran up to me during this conversation and said, "Mommy, I'm okay.  That boy punched me because he wanted the truck but I'm okay."  There was no drama, no tears.  She was so calm and it was very unlike her.  As we walked to the car I asked her, "Cam, are you sure you are okay?  You need to tell me, right now, if you aren't." 

"I'm fine, but, that boy... He's weird, Mommy.  He doesn't listen when it's time to sit down.  He just runs around and he says the same things over and over.  That boy is weird, Mommy."

"Well, Cam, that boy is different.  God made his brain different.  He isn't bad, he is just different and we have to remember that." 

"Mommy, can he take a nap and his brain will be like ours?"

"No, baby. A nap won't help."

"Oh.  God made his brain different?  So we have to remember that, right, Mommy?  And its okay that he wasn't nice to me, his brain doesn't work right.  It's okay."

Once again, speechless.

I texted Chris to make him aware of the situation and, of course, he went the exact opposite direction with his emotions.  He wanted to punch the parent in the face and let the parent know exactly how he felt about their boy punching Cameryn.  I tried to talk to him via text but knew that the only way to calm him was to have Cameryn talk to him.  So, we called him before we headed over to see our friends for the night. 

She looked so big walking to the car with my phone in her hand.

"Hi Daddy!  Daddy, I'm okay.  That new boy, he punched me because he wanted the truck, but I'm okay, Daddy.  I cried, but nothing is wrong now.  That new boy isn't very nice but he is different.  God made his brain different than mine.  I just need to remember to be patient with him and walk away if I don't want to play with him at all.  Daddy, it's okay."

And, for the third time in less than an hour, I was rendered speechless and the tears started flowing.  How does a three year old become so wise?  How can she be so tolerant?  When did she grow up so much.  As adults, we have a lot to learn from our children.

"Daddy, I shouldn't hit him back because that wouldn't be nice, right?   He wasn't nice to me, but I shouldn't hit back because then I wouldn't be a nice friend.  And I am a good friend, right, Daddy?"

My heart was bursting with pride for this little girl.  My girl. 

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