9:22 AM

Cameryn was telling me about a little girl at her school and I didn't know who she was so I asked how old she was and who her teacher was. 
Cameryn said, "She is in the baby class, she is in Mia's class."
I told her, "Miss Mia teaches the kids who are three, you're three too, but in the older class."
"Right, Mommy, the baby class.  Because she is just three and not three years old.  She isn't old like me.  She's a baby."


Saturday's are college football days at our house.  We are big Gamecock football fans (as if you didn't already know that!) and our in-state rivals are Clemson.  It's a BIG rivalry.  We could have a winning season, go all the way to a National Championship, but if we lost to Clemson?  It's a losing season in SC. 

Anyway, Cameryn was running around our living room on Saturday showing off for my in-laws, "Watch me, daddy!  I can run more faster!" 
"Cameryn, don't talk like you're from Clemson, use the right words," said Chris.
We all laughed.  USC fans like to say that the Clemson fans, because it's a big agricultural school, are the redneck fans of the rivalry.
Cameryn, about five minutes later, has a legitimate coughing fit.
"Cam, you okay?"
"Yeah," she says, "Just coughing the Clemson out."


This morning, in the car, Jordin was talking to herself.  Cameryn was quietly watching and listening to her for several minutes.  I knew a Cameryn-ism was coming.

"Mommy, when you brought her home, she looked weird.  She looks better now.  Not so weird.  And her feet aren't so scary.  But, um, Mommy?  She still sounds like a dying cat.  Does that get better too?"


Chris and I were both on our phone with our moms, sitting on our bed.  Jordin was awake in our room talking away while Cameryn was taking a nap.  My mom asked me if Chris had been working at all that day.  I told her yes, that he had been in much earlier that morning for a nationwide meeting.

Cameryn had walked into our bedroom, without saying a word.  Neither of us noticed her until she belted out, "Nationwide is on your side!"

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