I want to remember...

11:57 AM

I want to remember the moment when Cameryn and Jordin first met.  The smile that Cameryn had and the tears that I fought back.  How that one moment changed my life forever.

I want to remember my quiet moments with Jordin at 3am when she is full of smiles and coos.  Because one day she'll be a teenager and come stumbling home at 3am and there will not be smiles and coos.

I want to remember how funny Cameryn is at the age of three.  "Mommy, when I grow up like you I want to be a grown-up kid."  Me too, Cameryn, me too.

I want to remember the way that Cameryn says things.  The way that she will light up, clasp her hands together, and say, "I'm so 'cited!" when she is excited about something.  The way that she gets very serious and says, "Stop 'peating me.  You're 'peating me."  when I repeat something that she says.

I want to remember the way that I can peek into our living room from the kitchen and see Chris play with the girls.  The way that he holds Jordin and helps her to practice sitting up.  The way that he and Cameryn sit and snuggle on the couch.  The way that he loves them, so very much.

 I want to remember each and every little moment with my family.  They are going by way too fast.

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