Jordin's Birth Story

7:35 PM

I just knew that after my last OB appoinment on June 13 that I would have to be induced - again.  My doctor wasn't holding out much hope that I would go into labor before my due date and the next available induction date was June 20th.  I was so disappointed.  I was so over being pregnant. 

I joked with my family and friends that it would be really neat for Jordin to be born on the 14th, then all of the grandchildren on my side would be born on the 14th (Cameryn is October 14 and Quinn is March 14). 

Cameryn woke me up at 4am on June 14, poor thing, she was fighting another UTI.  I got up with her, helped her go potty and got her back to bed.  I got back into bed and I felt a contraction.  I didn't think much of it and dozed off.  I had another one and another.  I decided to start timing them and they were about 10-15 min apart.  I stayed in bed until 5am, got up and had breakfast, thinking that if they were real contractions, they would stick around.  They were still fairly consistent and each one just as intense as the last.  I took a shower and texted my girlfriend at work, letting her know that I wasn't coming into the office.  I woke Chris up around 6:30 and let him know what was going on and asked him to get up and shower, just in case we had to rush Cameryn to school.  He took Cameryn to school around 8am and decided that he wouldn't go into work either. 

10:30am, the contractions stopped. Just like that.  I was so frustrated.  How was it possible?  I let Chris know that he could probably go into work later that afternoon if he wanted to since it didn't seem that Jordin was going to make an appearance!  I started cleaning random things (looking back a few days later, I realized this was a big sign that it was going to happen soon!) I scrubbed spots in the carpet, I cleaned lampshades, and organized my hospital bag for the second time that morning.  I had lunch and then decided that I should nap.  I slept for about an hour and woke up to an extremely intense contraction.  I also lost my mucous plug (which, by the way, is disgusting.  It's like elephant snot!)  The contractions were still 10 minutes apart.  We loaded up the car, went to get Cameryn from school, and headed over to Stephanie's house where we knew Cameryn would be comfortable if I did end up going into labor.  I hadn't called my mom yet to let her know that the contractions had returned.  I didn't want anyone getting really excited, I sure wasn't!  We arrived at Stephanie's around 3:30 with contractions still 10 minutes apart.  Within an hour they went from 8 min to 6 min to 4 min., so we said our teary goodbyes to Cameryn and made our way to the hospital.

I was admitted to the hospital around 5:45pm and was ready to go in labor and delivery by 6:45.  When they checked me the first time I was 7cm!  They laughed and asked why I didn't come to the hospital sooner and I told them that not only was I more comfortable at home, I didn't want them to tell me that my cervix wasn't changing and send me home!!  I asked for an epidural and was informed that I may be too far along for one by the time that the anesthesiologist was done with a patient in ICU.  This wasn't my ideal situation, but it worked out as he was able to come up and give me some sweet relief by 7:30pm.  A nurse checked me again after the epidural and told me that I was fully dilated and effaced.  I asked for my water to be broken and started pushing at 8pm. 

Girlfriend did not want to come out.  Not only was the incredibly long umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, she was sunny side up (face up), so each time that I pushed she dropped into the canal but when I stopped she was sucked back in.  Pushing was so much more difficult for me this time since my epidural was in full effect.  When I had Cameryn, I felt pressure and pushed almost immeditaly after it was administered and could still "feel" while pushing.  This time?  I felt nothing and pushing seemed so pointless, I didn't even know if I was doing anything!  Finally, the doctor asked if it was okay if he used the vacuum to assist in getting her out.  At this point I had been pushing for twenty minutes (for five breaths instead of the usual three) with very little progress, so any assistance was welcome! 

Jordin Elizabeth arrived at 8:29pm on June 14th.  She looked almost identical to her sister, but much more petite!  Jordin measured 18.5in while Cameryn measured 20.75in.  They have the same nose, mouth, chin and dark hair. 

She is perfect.

I noticed on Friday that I was in a lot of pain, but not where the pain should be.  I had pain in my tailbone.  Standing up took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.  Sitting down was painful.  Laying down was painful.  I was taking motrin but it wasn't touching the pain!  I finally asked for something stronger, but since I am allergic to codiene and breatsfeeding, there wasn't a lot they could prescribe.  Finally, I was given some norco (it does contain codiene, but it's synthetic, so it doesn't bother me, thank god!), which helped, but I was still extremely uncomfortable.  My doctor finally gave me the bad news - I had a dislocated tailbone.  Ouch.  It will take some time to heal, but it will eventually heal on its own. 

Cameryn loved her baby sister at first sight.

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