3 days and counting

9:20 AM

"What are we waiting for, Pooh?"
"Watch, Piglet, a dream is about to come true"

Waiting, waiting. 
That's exactly what I am doing. 
Baby is due on Saturday. 

***Excuse me while I go off on a little rant***

My patience is growing thin.  I'm growing more and more uncomfortable as the days go on.  Sometimes I feel tons and tons of pressure and I feel like my insides are going to explode and other times, I feel nothing.  No tightness.  No movement.  No scraping of little elbows and kness.  I do have contractions but nothing to get excited about.  But then I tell myself that when I was induced with Cameryn I was having intense contractions that I didn't even know about, I really didn't feel anything until I was going through transition, so what, 8cm or so?   So maybe, just maybe, something is going on down there. 

Most of my frustration is mental - there's a date in my head, Saturday, June 16! that has been there for the past 39 weeks, so if there is no baby to "show" on that date.. this is going to be one slightly angry mama!  I'm just over being pregnant, over these clothes, over not being able to get comfortable.  And then, once again, I have to remind myself that once baby does come it doesn't get any easier.  I should just be thankful that I'm still sleeping well, still able to walk around without waddling too much, still healthy, still pregnant with a healthy child... I get it.  I'm a head case.


My appointment is today at 10.  I'm praying to the baby gods, like I do every single day, that I get good news. 

3 days and counting.

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