3 yr Graduation

8:00 AM

Cameryn's preschool hosted a graduation ceremony for the upcoming kindergarten class.  They ceremony was less than a mile from our house which worked out great as most of our family came in for the ceremony.  There was standing room only, which wasn't ideal since we couldn't see well, but otherwise the performance was adorable!

Cameryn's class did a little skit for the story "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom " (Cameryn was the letter 'v') and then performed a song for us in spanish.

All of the children in wore green ribbons in honor of one of Cameryn's teachers, Miss Shirleen.  Shirleen was diagnosed with lymphoma in August of 2010 and in February of this year, was told that she is cancer free! 

Cameryn received her certificate of completion for the 3yr class.  I was totally unprepared as they called the children alphabetically by their first name instead of last name!  Thank goodness we have video!

 I am so proud of the little lady that she has become this year!

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