Camping. Kinda.

8:00 AM

Chris and Cameryn decided to go camping.  In the backyard.  Chris was adamant that Cameryn have the most authentic camping experience as possible so last weekend he and Cameryn started planning their event for Saturday night.

I laughed.  And laughed.  And laughed.  Because I know my kid.  Yes, she is a free spirit and she likes to be outside and get dirty, but she is also all girl and very much like her momma!  Camping is fun when someone else is doing it.  Don't get me wrong, I've camped in the national parks of Nepal and India, but it doesn't make sleeping on the ground any more appealing! 

They took a trip to grocery store to get the necessary "camping" supplies:  hotdogs, buns, ingredients for smores, and a hot dog roasting stick.  Chris even took her to the woods, wagon in tow, to collect firewood for their campfire. 

Meanwhile, inside, I continued to laugh because although they were both very excited, I knew that the process of setting up camp would take longer than the actual act of camping...

At 6pm, they started their campfire and I watched from inside because the smell of smoke makes me nauseous.  Chris sat and held the hotdog roaster in the flames for about two minutes before Cameryn asked if they were done yet because she was so hungry.  Three minutes in, she asked if they could just put them on the grill because she was tired of waiting, so,they had grilled hotdogs instead.  She did like making smores, but wasn't a huge fan of all of the ingredients together and preferred to eat the graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallows individually instead.  Chris and I enjoyed the smores, too.  Yum! 

Cameryn was bouncing off the walls and couldn't wait to sleep in the tent.  They headed outside around 9pm.  I helped to carry their supplies outside:  two sleeping bags (both Cameryn's), two pillows, Lola the stuffed elephant, a cooler with water, and two flashlights - one heavy duty 'daddy' light and one Tinkerbell light that made lots and lots of noise.  Cameryn was sure to dress for the occasion in Dora pj's and her best easter sandals. 

They started to settle in.... I asked, one more time, if Chris wanted the air mattress.  He said, one more time, that I had apparently never been camping because you don't sleep on an air mattress inside a tent.

Chris slept in Cameryn's puppy sleeping bag.  Isn't he cute?

I zipped them up and said goodnight, at exactly 9:05pm.

The tent was about 10 feet from my window in our bedroom.  I could hear them laughing and talking and I could also hear her flashlight making all kinds of noise.  A fe minutes later I saw lights shining in my window which made the dog nuts.  This fun game lasted about 10 minutes and then they were quiet.  At 9:27pm, I heard the tent open and little feet come up the steps outside. 

I laughed. 
I knew it! 
Camping was officially over!

Cameryn couldn't get comfortable outside on the ground.  She said that sleeping in her bed was "much more comfy than the hard ground outside." 

Poor Chris.  He was so excited about his camping trip with Cameryn.

Maybe next time!

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