Weekly Update - 34 Weeks

6:00 AM

Size of Baby: According to BabyCenter, baby girl weighs as much as a cantaloupe.

Big Sister Cameryn:   She's ready to be the big sister, that's for sure.  She cries about once a week because it's taking too long for baby sister to get here. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +15  I lost a pound since my last update, but have actually lost 3lbs since my last appointment at 32 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, though at home I'm still wearing regular clothes and I've snagged some of Chris' t-shirts.

Gender: Girl

Movement:  All the time!  She's also decided to call my cervix home, which can be extremely uncomfortable and causes me to waddle around like a hunchback!

Sleep:  Not great.  Tylenol PM is my BFF when I am not taking phenergan for nausea!

Symptoms:   Nausea when I am tired and late at night.  The normal aches and pains of being pregnant.  I'm still dilated to 1cm but am now 50% effaced.  Perhaps we'll have a May baby??!  My doctor said that she's not that concerned if I deliver early and since I am already 50% effaced, there's really no way to "stop" labor and at almost 35 weeks?  There's really no need.

What I Miss:  Non-maternity clothes.  I look at my small stack of maternity clothes and my closet full of "normal" clothes and I think to myself, only 5 1/2 more weeks until I can wear all of my pretty things again!

Cravings:  Raw veggies and fruits!  I cannot get enough of them!

Best Moment This Past Week:    The bumper finally arrived!  It's been on backorder for two months and I felt like the room was somewhat complete when I added it to the crib.

What I Am Looking Forward To:  A baby shower!  My friends are the sweetest and are throwing me a baby shower next weekend.   I wasn't expecting one, at all, but they are just the sweetest things.  Stephanie is throwing the shower, at her house, the same day that she returns from a 5 day cruise.  Seriously, awesome.

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