9 little things

10:04 AM

I didn't intend to take a bloggy break.

Here's what we've been up to this week:

1.  I had my weekly doctor's visit.  I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow (21 days to go!) I've gained a total of 18 lbs and am now 2cm and 70% effaced.  I'm really hoping that baby girl decides to move south sometime soon.  The last few weeks are always so difficult.  As for a bump pic?  Here's a pic of me and the hostesses from the shower this weekend.  I love these girls so much.  I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

2.  It's HOT, y'all.  Summer has finally invaded the south and it's going to be 92 all weekend.  Luckily, the humidity hasn't found its way to us yet, but it will eventually.  I'd rather spend this long weekend inside soaking up the AC, but I think Cameryn would rather spend her days at the pool. She's a fish.  The girl loves to swim.  We signed her up for swim lessons, a total of 8.  I figure it will be something just for her to do this summer while I am trying to keep my head above the water with a new baby and a busy 3 yr old.

3.  Cameryn rocked a white collared shirt and a blue jean skirt for graduation.  I went to a private school and our uniform was a white collared shirt and navy bottoms.  I don't own either, to this day, and buying them for her was slightly painful.  She wasn't thrilled about it, but she looked cute!

T4.  This is always such a weird time of year for me - to see the 'little' girls that I coached graduating from high school.   I'm 'friends' with a lot of them on facebook and reading their posts about how scared they are to leave home and leave their friends, it makes me a little sad.  They have no idea how big the world is after high school, that life truly doesn't start until then.  These girls are awesome, they are so grounded, they're really good kids and I hate to see them so conflicted.  But I remember those days and I know how hard it can be.  But I also know they are going to succeed.  And so, to them I say this: you have your whole life ahead of you, this is just the beginning. Be who you are, make a difference.  The best piece of advice I ever received came from my Dad - no matter what happens in life, you can always go home. Best of luck to all of you!

5.  This actually happened: "Damn it, Daddy.  Now I have to take off these clothes to put my jammies on."  And where did my three year old say that she learned those words from?  Me and two of her friends at school.  I won't deny that I say damn it, but usually 'shit' is my go-to term.  Cracks me up.

6.  I got a funny text yesterday from Stephanie - "Remember when all of the kids were playing in my room?  I think they did something with my pillow because when I went to bed last night and I could not find it.  We looked everywhere!  How the heck do you lose a king sized pillow?  I had to sleep on Madison's pillow!"  Poor Stephanie.  The girl searched high and low for her pillow.  She finally found it at 5:30pm, in her closet, shoved under her clothes.  The culprit?  My child, of course.  Cameryn said that she wanted it to be a surprise for Steph. 

7.   The roommate never moved back in.  Apparently, he found a little common sense and a dash of decency and decided that it probably wasn't a good idea since I was so pregnant.  To say I was thrilled was an understatement.

8.   I haven't jumped on the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' train.  I doubt that I will.  I read, a lot, but haven't decided if this one is worth it or not.  I did the same thing with the 'Twilight' series. 

9.   I was called for jury duty on June 19 and since I am due June 16, I won't make it to jury duty.  Calling up to the courthouse is always slightly entertaining, they talk in hushed tones and act as if they cannot know your name and only ask for your juror number, like it's some big secret.  But?  Getting out of jury duty requires them to be all up in your business and know every single detail of your life, plus a signed letter from your doctor.  I've been officially excused from jury duty.  I found it entertaining since I was called for jury duty when I was pregnant with Cameryn, though I didn't make it past the first day.  I guess being 7 mo pregnant doesn't make you a good juror.

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