Teacher Gifts

2:20 PM

I really, really dislike giving gifts to teachers.  Not because they don't deserve them, but because I don't ever know what to give them.  And, this year Cameryn has two teachers.  So now I have to think of one gift that works for two teachers.  I don't spend enough time around these women to know if they prefer coffee or tea.  Red or Pink.  South Carolina or The Other Team Which Shall Not Be Named

I was, years ago, a preschool teacher (inside of a gymnastics facility where I also taught competitive gymastics).   I've received my share of things that make you go hmmm.  Chipped coffee mugs. Year old hot cocoa packets.  Hard as rock jellybeans in faded santa boxes.  Christmas ornaments with my name misspelled.  A snowman tea pot.  I also received some kick ass gifts from the parents that I knew well because I coached their daughters.  Fun t-shirts, mani/pedi's, car washes.  And, a few that were pretty timely... while a case of red bull and a liter of vodka might have suited my 24 year old self, it certainly doesn't now!  Plus, I don't think that Cameryn's teacher's would appreciate the gesture.

My ideas so far?  An intial tervis tumbler filled with goodies (too bad a dictionary or a thesaurus won't fit inside one of them!).  Movie tickets.  Cookies.  Gift card to somewhere.(Last resort.  Really.) 

I've also thought about making this... It doesn't look that difficult and it's something that they could hang inside the classroom, right?

Have you tackled the teachers gift this year?  Any ideas you want to share?

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