Monday Mash Ups

11:08 AM

The weekend consisted of lots of rest, lots of tissues, and lots of meds.  I'm sick and being that I'm also pregnant being sick means that Tylenol is about the only relief that is allowed.  I did go to the doctor and get "real" meds but those don't seem to help much either.  Eh. I am totally over being sick.  My energy level is low and my head hurts from coughing so much. Luckily, Chris was home yesterday and took Cameryn out of the house for a few hours so I could get some rest.  He also went grocery shopping and didn't come home with anything random except double stuff oreos.  I'm not complaining.  I like the double stuff.


One of my besties went on a cruise yesterday and she sent me a text saying, "I'm having a pina colada right now just for you."  I received this mid-coughing fit and it wasn't even noon yet.  Yeah, I'm totally jealous.  While she and her husband are sailing through the ocean, I'm stuck here, wiping my own nose and my kids ass.   Oh, to be young and childless...


I know the gender of our baby.  There, I said it.  We "announced" the gender on our Christmas cards this year so everyone can find out at the same time.  So, family, stop hounding us about it!  We're not telling you!  The cards are in the mail and you'll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, the name game is still on and we have not made any progress.  Did anyone else have a difficult time naming their child?


I'm not done Christmas shopping yet.  I don't have a lot to get, but I have a few little things to grab and the thought of going out in the madness makes my toes curl.


My cousin is getting married at the end of the month, which means that I have to go to a wedding and of course, I have nothing to wear.  I'm at that strange stage of pregnancy where people wonder whether you've been indulging in the Christmas goodies a little too often or if you're actually pregnant.  I'm sure that I'll figure something out, but I know that all of my dresses will be a little snug.  And OMG!  I just realized that Cameryn will have to have something to wear too.  Crap.

On that note, I better start shopping online.


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