12 Weeks

11:01 AM

How Far Along: 12 weeks, 2 days
Size of Baby: About 2 inches... or, the size of a lime.

Big Sister Cameryn:  Cameryn's attitude toward the baby is day to day.  When her teacher asked about the baby, she told her that the baby was in my belly but that she didn't want a girl baby or a boy baby.
Earlier this week she told us that when she grows out of her Ariel shirt that she will give it to the baby girl (the baby is a girl in her mind.)  At least we're making some progress.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'm going to go with 2-3 pounds.  I don't weigh myself.  It's pointless.  Since I begin my weekly visits next week, I will be weighed every single time but I will be standing backward on the scale.  The nurse will only tell me my weight if it becomes an issue.  With Cameryn they told me to eat more ice cream because at 20 weeks I had only gained 6 lbs.  I don't think that will happen this time!
Maternity Clothes:  Some.  I'm happy to say that today I am wearing real clothes!
Oh hello, belly.

Gender:  We don't know yet.  2 more weeks!
Movement: None yet.

Sleep:  I am sleeping well.  The phenergan knocks me out!
Symptoms:  Still having nausea in the morning and at night, mostly when I am very tired.
What I Miss:  A glass of wine with dinner.
Cravings:  None!

Best Moment This Past Week:  Having the nausea subside during the day.  Hearing Cameryn say that she will share her things with the baby and Cameryn telling her daddy that he cannot name the baby 'Neo' or 'Trinity'.  That's my girl!       
What I Am Looking Forward To:  My next doctor's appointment.   
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