Weekly Update - 14 weeks

11:18 AM

Size of Baby: 3 1/2  inches... the size of a lemon.
Big Sister Cameryn:   Cameryn has had a lot of fun picking out names for the baby the week.  Tuesday the baby was Luna.  Wednesday - America.  Thursday- Oilo.  She must get her mad baby naming skills from her daddy. 
Total Weight Gain/Loss:
Maternity Clothes: Some pants and shirts.  It just depends on my mood.  I'm still wearing my normal pre-pregnancy jeans though they are starting to get a little snug thanks to the bump.
Gender: We don't know yet.
Movement: Yes!  Baby has some cramped living space (see "symptoms") so occasionally I can feel the little kicks.

Sleep: I am sleeping pretty well at this point.
I'm battling a sinus/ear infection so my sleep issues are related to that. 
Symptoms: I knew that this weeks ultrasound would be interesting.  Baby is growing and was sucking its thumb and punching the air.  I love our ultrasound tech and we laugh a lot during the visit so its funny to see the baby jump around when I laugh! 
I had my first cervical measurment and it appeared nice and long, they weren't able to get a good measurement because I have a complete previa.  At this point, they are not that concerned but obviously it will be an issue if it remains that way.  Due to the previa, baby has some cramped living quarters and is all up on my right side, which is what is causing the pain
What I Miss: Taking the good meds for sinus issues.  (The "good" meds are the ones with the "D" after its name that are behind the pharmacy counter.  Preg women cannot take these.)  
Cravings: None!

Best Moment This Past Week: Chris bought the baby its first "gift" - Little socks that say Future Gamecock.  We take this football thing pretty seriously around here.
What I Am Looking Forward To: Settling on a name.  More on that later...
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