Weekly update.... 13 weeks

11:08 AM

How Far Along: 13 weeks, 2 days
Size of Baby: 3 whole inches... the size of a medium shrimp, because, you know, everyone knows what a medium sized shrimp looks like.  Seriously?  It's as big as my post-it notepad.  How about that for daily life reference!
Big Sister Cameryn: Cameryn was very excited to learn that one day she would be able to feel the baby kick when she put her hands on my belly.  And yes, in her mind, the baby is still a girl.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: -2.  My doctor told me to eat more.  I told them that I eat plenty I just cannot guarantee that it will stay down!  I'm not that concerned.  I didn't gain much wait with Cameryn until after the halfway point.  However, it was nice to receive warm donuts and coffee at my desk this morning thanks to my concerned coworkers!
Maternity Clothes: Some. I'm happy to say that today I am wearing real clothes!  However, I am also wearing a belt so I am feeling a little odd (I don't think I have worn a belt since they were the popular thing in the 90s!)  Why?  I have been having some pain in my lower right stomach quadrant.  My doctor said it could be round ligament pain, it could be from the collapsed cyst on my left ovary, or it could be that my pants are too tight.  However, since I am -2 lbs from my starting weight, I don't see how this is possible.  Anyway, I moved up a pants size and now my pants are falling off, hence the belt.  Oh, and that pain?  Still there.
Crappy phone pic.  Oh well.
Gender: We don't know yet.
Movement: None yet.

Sleep:  At least one night a week I don't sleep well at all.  That night just happened to be last night.
Symptoms: Still having some nausea in the morning and at night, mostly when I am very tired.
What I Miss: A glass of wine with dinner, being able to run without feeling like I will collapse, and buying cute, new winter clothes.
Cravings: None!

Best Moment This Past Week: Having the nausea subside during the day.
What I Am Looking Forward To:  Cake and ice cream tonight for Chris' birthday celebration!  Oh wait, is this supposed to be a "baby" update?  Tuesday's ultrasound should be interesting.  Keep your fingers crossed that I won't go on bedrest!
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