Christmas Crisis... Not really, but really.

10:41 AM

Several weeks ago, I took Cameryn to Target where we picked up a few items and I let her browse through the toy section watching her eyes light up at everything princess.  She always goes through every box of princess barbies searching for Jasmine from Aladdin.  That girl is hard to find.  So, there we were looking at toys for her cousin when I saw her shoved behind some legos.  I quickly snatched her up and put her into our cart, hiding her from Cameryn, while silently singing "Hallelujah!" because the one thing that Cameryn wanted for Christmas is now in my possession. 

Cameryn asked Santa for a princess castle and a Jasmine Barbie.  The princess castle crisis was adverted a few weeks ago when my mom bailed on the gift because she wanted something more "educational."   The problem with the castle?  You cannot find it anywhere in the stores, so it must be ordered online.  I stalked the castle on Amazon for a few days, trying to figure out what to do and if one of the other grandparents wanted to get the castle for Cameryn (with four sets of grandparents, gift giving can be a little crazy)  and finally I ordered it because this castle was going like hotcakes (there were 20 one day, 10 the next day at lunch, and 8 twenty minutes later when I was talking to Chris on the phone.)  This was the BIG thing that Cameryn wanted for Christmas and one way or another, she was getting it. 
Christmas crisis adverted.  Whew!

Jasmine barbie?  Check. 
Princess castle?  Check.
Happy Kid on Christmas?  Definitely.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon.  We had to drop by the old roommates house because they are spending the next two weeks out of town with their family and they forgot the lizard and asked if we would watch it.  Not exactly my idea of a pet, but whatever.  They mentioned that Cameryn's gift was laying by the front door, could we wrap it and give it to her for them?  Chris brings it home and I immediately said, "Are you kidding me?!"  They gave her the Disney Princess Ultimate Doll Collection - the pack of 7 princess barbies.  It's an incredibly generous gift for Cameryn and she is going to love it.

But.  Jasmine is included.  So what do I do?  Do I take mine back or do I let her keep both of them? 

It's ridiculous really.  I'm fretting over a Jasmine barbie.  Chris and I only give Cameryn three presents (and one Santa gift, so 4 total gifts from us), so I hate to give her one that she is already going to receive. 

This is my big problem right now.
Silly, huh?

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