9:30 AM

Cameryn has an extensive vocabulary but cannot remember the word 'also.' She combines 'also' and 'mostly' and says 'osly'. 
"Mommy, I want to eat chicken, oranges, and olsy peas." 
She's been doing it for several weeks and we always correct her but it still comes out 'osly.'


She told me this morning that she had on her 'fancy pants.'  I laughed.  They are leggings with lace at the bottom.  Apparently, lace is fancy.



(I go running to her room.)  "What, Cameryn?  What's wrong?"

"My legs!  My legs, Mommy!  They're WUGE!"

"Your legs are not huge.  Why would you say that?"

"Because my pants don't fit!  They're too short!"

"Cameryn, honey, those are capri pants."

"Oh.  Good thing.  I thought I was gonna be a giant today."


We saw two police cars with their lights on responding to an emergency on our way to school.

"Uh oh.  They're taking someone to jail."

"Cameryn, the jail is the other way.  I think they're going to help someone."

"Yeah, Mommy.  They're helping that bad guy to jail.  That's why the lights are on."


"Mommy are you going to run on your big machine today?"

"The treadmill, yes."

"I'm going to watch you run."


"Because when you run your hiney shakes like jello."

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