The World Didn't End.

11:23 AM

Our weeknights are scheduled.  The nights that Chris is home for dinner, he will pick up the girls from daycare and I get home first. I pick up little things around the house (shoes, pjs, crayons, barbies), I start a load of laundry, and then head into the kitchen to begin cooking dinner.  Cameryn thinks that it is fun to "call ahead" and request something for a snack/dinner, so I like to be home when they are home.  We are finished eating by 6:30, the girls get a bath, and both girls are in bed by 8pm.  I then spend the rest of the night chatting with Chris, catching up with my friends and family, or finishing up little chores around the house.  (Did I mention the laundry?)   Our family operates on a schedule because it's what is best for us.

Last night, I came home, threw my stuff on the kitchen table, let the dog out, laced up, and went for a run.  I ran two miles and was home by 6pm.  Chris and the kids passed me at 1.35miles and ten minutes later, I was walking in the door.

And you know what?  We had dinner, albeit leftovers, but it was dinner and we sat down as a family.  Cameryn was in the tub by 6:45.  Jordin was in bed, asleep, at 7 and Cameryn was still in bed at 8. 

I went for a run and the world didn't end because I ignored the usual chores and dinner routine.  I did something for me - I have a better attitude, I feel strong, and I set a healthy example for my kids. 

Why haven't I been doing this all along?  Why do we constantly put our families first and ignore ourselves?  I need to remind myself that if I'm not happy or healthy, my family suffers.  I need to do this for me and it's not selfish.  They can, and will, survive. 

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