Friday Blurbs

3:39 PM

I've got a lot going on this week.  Just life stuffs.  But.  I want to drop in and give you a few randoms.

1.  I wore skinny jeans for the second time and they give me a little pep in my step.  I'm all fashionable and stuff and am even considering buying colored skinnies.


2.  I read this post by the Mrs. in Training today and then I took this (and I wasn't that surprised.)  You should too.  Just in case you still don't know who you're voting for or even if you think you do.   Be sure to look at the 'other choices' too.
3.  Autumn, a giraffe at the zoo in Greenville is pregnant and due any day now.  They have a camera in her barn so you can watch her all day long.  Not that I want to see her actually give birth, but she's fun to watch
4.  We went to the fair earlier this week, for six hours.  Cameryn rode ride after ride and Jordin sat in her stroller and chilled.  She never once complained.  She also discovered how to laugh which is the cutest thing ever.  I cannot help but think about Tinkerbell when a baby laughs.  You know, because, the first time a baby laughs a fairy gets its wings. 
5.  At the fair, Cameryn put a sticker on her forehead that said "Suspect."  I couldn't help but laugh. 
Cameryn wanted to ride the elephant at the fair.  We paid the $5, she was giddy with excitement.  And then, she got on and freaked out.  I don't think she realized how big they actually are.
She pet the donkey instead.  I love the look on the donkey's face.

6.  Someone got a Halloween costume.

7.  I got a new phone case.  It was supposed to be navy and though it looks more purple than navy, it's still pretty awesome.

8Earlier this week Cameryn was trying to convince Chris and I to play hide and seek.  Chris and I both groaned and she said, “It’s okay, I’m just going to go hide in the closet and drink.”  Chris and I both laughed because she was talking about her milk, but we both said, at the same time, “I feel like doing that sometimes too!” (but with something a little stronger!)
9.  I test drove an SUV.  It was okay.  But it was much better than the last time I test drove.
10.  Go Gamecocks.  WIN ANYWAY.  Beat UF.
Happy Weekend, lovelies!


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