Pray. Just pray.

9:20 AM

I am always amazed at the power of prayer, and today, one of our own needs it more than ever. 

Saturday night, Julee's husband, Matt, died in a car accident.   I only "know" Julee through blogging, but I know she is a beautiful mother and wife, inside and out.  She and her husband have a 10 month old daughter, Preslee. I thought and prayed nonstop about Julee, Preslee, and their family all day yesterday.  Such a young life, taken too soon.  (You can read more about Matt, his life, and the accident here.)

I caught myself checking on my family more often that normal last night.  I stayed in Cameryn's room with her as she fell asleep.  I held Jordin a little longer after her feedings.  I stayed up late and talked to Chris last night after he came home.  I found myself thanking the Lord for them even more. 

Social media has blown my mind with their support and prayers for Julee.  There is so much more good in this world on the internet and I have never been prouder to a part of it.

Please pray for her, Preslee, and the family. Here is another way to help.

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