The Tooth Fairy Came and Took the Candy. Or how I bribed my kid.

10:20 AM

Halloween is such a fun holiday.  I love handing out candy so that I can see all of the kids dressed up in their costumes.  I dislike, however, that my kid comes home with a ton of candy (but only one Twix bar.  Come on, people.  More Twix next year, please.)  This year she came home with her bucket full plus a full plastic grocery bag that Chris had stuffed in his pocket as backup for when she started to complain that her bucket was heavy.  People gave her extra handfuls because her costume was so 'original.' 

I knew I was in trouble when Cameryn started planning her day around the candy.  "First I will eat breakfast, then a piece of candy.  Then a healthy snack.  Then lunch and a piece of candy.  I can eat my healthy dinner and snack and then, of course, I can have a piece of candy."  Annoying. 

Saturday morning she woke up and had applesauce and then asked for an Airhead.  Seriously.

A friend from high school gave me an idea and I ran sprinted with it.

The tooth fairy sent me a text, actually, she sent all parents a text that said, "Dear Kids, please keep your teeth shiny and clean!  I'll make you a deal.  Exchange your candy and I will leave you money for a special trip to Target!  But, this means there will be no more whining about candy if you whine, you must return anything that you purchase.  You must make your decision soon! 
Love, The Tooth Fairy."

Cameryn thought about it for awhile and finally she asked if she could keep 10 pieces of candy and give the Tooth Fairy the rest.  Fine by me.  She methodically choose 10 pieces and put them into a plastic bag while I dumped the rest into a grocery bag.  I hid the grocery bag while she wasn't looking. 

I went into stealth mode.  I told her that I was going to do laundry and grabbed her basket out of her room but also grabbed $20 of her own money from her piggy bank.  The same money that we dump into her piggy bank every few weeks.

I quickly wrote a note and left it on her bed.  She found the note a few minutes later when she went to go play.
She was estatic.  A note!  From the Tooth Fairy!  And $20! 

And that's how I got rid of the Halloween candy. 
Did I bribe my kid?  Absolutely. 
Am I proud of it?  Absolutely. 
But, she is now the proud owner of a Halloween-clearanced princess costume ($6 at Target, normally $20!) and some accessories for her baby doll. 

And I have a whine free environment.

I win.

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