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Things have been busy around here, and glancing at the blogs in my reader, everyone else is too. 

Thanksgiving week was a whirlwind, it usually is.  I worked at home, with two kids, Monday and Tuesday and took the day off on Wednesday.  Jordin was sick last week, or I thought she was.  She wasn't eating or sleeping and she was continuously pulling at her ears.  We saw our doctor and received a diagnosis of teething, but, she said, there are no teeth in our near future.  A teething diagnosis is so frustrating because other than Tylenol, there's nothing you can do.

We spent Thanksgiving (or Gives-Giving as Cam called it) at my mom's, as usual.  This year was slightly less stressful than years in the past mainly because Chris didn't have to be at work at the crack of dawn on Black Friday (Retail.  Blah.) and we weren't rushed to get food on the table.  We lucked out because we were not served pumpkin soup, my mom discovered, after almost five years, that no one eats it but her.  I was in charge of dessert again this year and I made pumpkin cheesecake the recipe was excellent. (you can find it here)

Sunday, we put up our Christmas tree, which was the last of the Christmas decorations.  I didn't pull out all of our decorations this year, I decided to keep things relatively simple.  I collect snowmen and I love seeing all of their happy faces but, the more decorations that I pull out, the less room we actually have in our house.  I've been feeling a little boxed-in in our home lately.  I try to keep things organized but we have a few extra pieces of furniture that I wouldn't mind getting rid of, specifically an entertainment unit and executive desk, both of which reside in our bedroom.

Jordin continued to have sleepless nights and wouldn't eat well.  She had an intermittent fever from Saturday-Monday so I took her back to the doctor on Tuesday... Double ear infections.  I hate to say it but I was relieved, those I can fix!  Three full days of antibiotics later, she is feeling much better and I am sleeping more than 4 hours a night.  Praise.


Every year when it starts to get cold outside we get a mouse in our house.  And every single year the damn things reside in my laundry room/linens.  And every year I have to wash every towel and sheet that we own because that disgusting rodent climbs all over them.  So I have been washing everything for the past three days.  We caught one mouse and reset the trap (did I mention that my husband sets live traps?  He refuses to kill them.) and another mouse (whom I lovingly refer to as the 'rat bastard') has tripped the trap twice but we haven't caught him.  I may go insane.  The amount of Lysol that I have used in the past three days is probably borderline insane.

On the bright side of the Mousecapades of 2012, I took 15 or so towels that we used for spills and other cleanups, outside to a cabinet in the garage.  I asked my friends if they needed any extra sets of sheets (we had nine sets of queen sheets.  NINE.) and I got rid of anything on the shelves that we hadn't used in months.  The purge felt fantastic.  Now if we could only catch that rat bastard.


I've had a little extra time during the day for the past week or so and I've been trying to do some kind of exercise.  I went for a run one day and I laughed at myself because it was so hard.  But, I kept going because each mile was one more that I didn't do the day before.  I've also been trying to do incorporate a little more strength training in my workouts and I have been doing the workout of the day from Crossfit Mamas.  Yesterday, the WOD took me 7 minutes.  7 minutes people.  Everyone has seven minutes.  By doing the WOD as fast as you can, without losing form, you also do cardio.  Sometimes I do a little more, sometimes, like yesterday, I only do the WOD.  And yes, today, I am sore. 

Here is today's WOD:

21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift, 40 - 60 lbs
Challenge yourself.


I've been asked for a Christmas list.  Why is it that I can think of a million things that I would love to have until someone asks me for a list.  And then, suddenly, I've got nothing.  So this year I asked for gift cards to Fleet Feet, Dick's Sporting Goods, Old Navy, and Target.  I'm still planning on running a half marathon so I will probably need new running gear soon.  I'm also considering a treadmill.  I had a treadmill several years ago, but it broke and the incline was stuck on ten (terrible.), and I loved being able to run whenever I wanted.  Having a treadmill in the house (well, the garage) would allow me to fit my runs in while the kids are outside playing or while they are sleeping. 


This weekend we don't have much planned.  Cameryn is in the Christmas parade in town on Sunday with her school.  I need to clean, aka dust and vacuum, but other than that we're going to spend the first weekend in December outside in sunny, 70 degree weather.

Life is good here, and I hope it is for you, too.

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