For me. Or, Why I Blog.

10:18 AM

Words.  So many words.  How many do you share?

I blog because it's my corner of the all my things.  My thoughts are all here.  I tell myself that the people who stop by can do one of two things - stay or keep clicking.  What you read here is what you get in real life.  I won't hold back.  I am polite, but I also have an opinion and it will be heard. 
Some days, I dig deep.  I share my complete joy, my sadness, and my deepest fears so that I can have some relief, some clarity.    I blog to hold myself accountable when I might fail.

True to life on some days, I am short and random.  Just posting thoughts in a list form because it's all I can muster up, all that I have to share.  Simple and incomplete.  Other days, I am rather wordy.  I can honestly say that this happens in my real life.  Call me one day and I may never shut up, going on and on and on.  Other days I may just reply back with a text because I just cannot manage a conversation or find a train of thought that makes one bit of sense.

I blog so that I can have something to look back on.  I don't use a trendy Erin Condren planner to keep track of anything.  All of my important moments are logged here.  For me.  One day, one far from now, my children can log on and see all of the funny moments, all of the drama, all of the smiles that they bring to my life.  I blog so that when I am gone, my children have something to remember me by.

I blog because it makes me feel normal.  Having a bad day?  'Friends' are there to pick you up and remind you to keep going.  Think you're the only one out there with marriage/kid/family/work problems?  They are there to remind you that you're not.  They encourage you to keep your chin up.  They aren't afraid to provide a verse of comfort and strength.  The sense of community here is amazing, and if more people jumped on our bandwagon the world might be a better place.

Mostly, I blog to put it all in perspective.  To remind me that these little moments define who I am.  The curse words, the laughter, the tears - they are all part of it.  And I have a blog to keep track of them.  Life is a learning process.  One step, each day.  My blog is there to remind me how far I have come and how far I have to go.  My blog is for me.  And those who wish to share it with me are welcome.

Why do you blog?

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