11:51 AM

I washed my car on Sunday.  You know what that means, right?  That its raining now.  Of course.   My car was seriously filthy.  Sitting in the parking lot at the office under all of the trees losing their leaves made my car a hot mess.  Cameryn loves to wash her toys with wheels when I wash mine, so late Sunday afternoon we headed outside.  I put Jordin in her stroller so she could watch and Cameryn and I got to scrubbing.  She always uses more soap, for her little red and yellow car, than I do on mine but it keeps her busy.  I washed the car quickly because Jordin wasn't loving the fact that she was only a spectator, but this time Cameryn finished her car, bike, and scooter before I did my car and went over to entertain Jordin while I did a final rinse.  Except?  She took it upon herself to wash the baby.  With car soap. 


Speaking of my office.  I don't talk much about what I do but I'm contemplating a change.  You see, 10 days before I had Jordin my company announced that 4/6 of the shareholders/members were leaving, my boss included (which I already knew), and that there were going to be some big operational changes within our organization.  Our location has a really small office and I wasn't naive enough to think that they would keep our location open.  I felt lost and definitely did not feel as if I had a lot of job security.  I did receive a call explaining their vision for our office, their expectations of me and my position, and the call did allow me some breathing room.  I had Jordin, spent 8 weeks out on maternity leave, and came back to the office.  I had expressed a desire to transfer to another department, the position was offered, and I accepted.  Except?  3 months later I am still doing more of my old position than my new because they haven't solidified the compensation plan for my new team.  My new team refuses to share any of the work with me until the comp plan is finalized to ensure that I am being paid for the work that I am doing. My days in this office are long.  You see, I have no direct supervisor here and 95% of my old duties have already been transferred.   I feel stagnant.  And I don't like it.  I am so lucky to have a job and paycheck coming in, but that's the thing - it's now a job instead of a career.  And that makes me feel really unsettled.


Yesterday was Monday.  Except?  I did a shot of tequila.  Just one.  And I learned that one thing that isn't stagnant is my ability to take a shot of tequila without the 'shiver' afterwards.  I still rock at tequila shots.


I have been thinking about my goals and resolutions for 2013.  I don't think that it's too early.  My goal for 2013 is to run a half marathon.  There is no exception to this.



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