Things I just don't understand...

9:57 AM

1.  People who follow an assload of people on Twitter.  It takes me long enough to scroll through my Twitter feed of 150 people why would I want to scroll through thousands of people?  

2.  Why do people comment on a picture on instagram and tag the person who posted the picture in the comment?  Heeeeeeelllllllllllo, when you comment on a picture the person who posted it was notified.  Tag them in the comment and they are notified again.  Do you really need to get their attention that much?

<< obviously I have had a little too much time on my hands thanks to a weekend without my kids >>

3.  People who constantly complain about how crappy they feel and how they want to lose weight but instead of getting their ass to the gym they sit and eat a box of cheez-its. Because those cheez-its are definitely not going to show up on your ass at a later date.  Nope.  Never.

4.  Helicopter parents.  I get that we all want the best for our kids.  But hovering over them and controlling their every single move and freaking out every single time something goes slightly wrong?  Get over it.  Kids were meant to play and have fun and be little shits every now and then. 

5.   Bloggers who tweet multiple times a day to promote their blog.  And their blog isn't even that interesting anyway.

6.  Rude people at work.  We're all adults.  I don't need your snarky attitude via email.  Or your sassy tone over the phone while I am only trying to help you.  I received a nasty email from a person that I have been asked to help.  I was actually told, from said person, "You're not doing this right at all.  I picked this up very quickly.  You should too but if you don't want to do it, that's fine.  Just tell me."  Annnnnd two days later received an email saying, "Hey, I think you're doing more than you should.  I hate to think that this work is taking you away from your other work."  What the what?!  You're outright crazy, girlfriend.  Did you ever stop to think that I was asked to assist you because you suck?  Yeah.  Didn't think so.

7.  Why didn't I start drinking champagne earlier?  The pop of the cork.  Those quirky little bubbles.  It's celebrity-fabulous-status every single time.
8.  People who only drive white cars.  My neighbor has a driveway full of them.  All those colors at the dealer and you choose white?
9.  People who do not know who Jadeveon Clowney is.  6-foot-6, 247-pounds, and runs a 4.46 in the 40-yard dash.  He's a beast.  He's also the guy who made this hit and will probably win an ESPY tonight.

10.  Adult rompers. Or adults who wear a headband across their forehead. Why do you want to look like my toddler?

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