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I've sat down so many times to write but the words just weren't there.  We've done plenty this summer that is "blog worthy" but for some reason I wanted to keep the memories for myself.  There have been many nights, late, that I would think to myself, "Damn, the blog."  And then a post would form in my brain, words flowing faster than the beer at a frat party, but the desire to sit down and write them out didn't exist.  Truth me told, the blog community is great and for the most part, kind and uplifting, but I found myself following bloggers that were once a small mom and pop store on the internet who grew to be big-box bloggers, and suddenly,  I didn't agree with their voice, who they had become. 
Sometimes I just get so tired of the comparisons. 
And I'm mildly freaked out how so many people know something about the stranger behind the blog that they've never met and are mildly obsessed with everything about them.  Does it really matter what floss a blogger uses?  Seriously?
But, nonetheless, I love my blog.  I love writing and capturing my family memories, even if my posts are few and far in between.

So, here's how our summer went...

1.  I (and Jess) threw a baby shower for my BFF, Janette (who is Jess' sister.)  Janette finally gave birth(after a few days of hell) to a precious baby girl, Marlowe, who is now nicknamed "Lo."  This child and I were meant to be buds because growing up my nickname was Lo-Lo, which was shortened to Lo as I got older.  (I also had the nickname Gutterbutt, but that's a story for another day.)  I am bursting with love for this child that I haven't even met and I cannot wait to hug her to pieces.

2.  We went to Disney World for a week with my family.  We had THE BEST time.  I posted a lot of pictures on my instagram and twitter accounts, so I won't post more here.  Sadly, I haven't even uploaded the pictures from my camera yet, one day I'll get around to doing that. 

The girls had an incredible trip.  We stayed at Animal Kingdom lodge and it was one of the best decisions that we made.  It was so nice to be able to get up and walk out onto our balcony each morning and watch the animals while we waited for everyone to get ready.  Jordin liked to push the chairs closer together so she could sit by Cameryn and see the animals. We only had one run-in with an angry person who decided to yell out to me, "Your family has kept my family awake for the past two hours.  Opening and closing doors, yelling loudly, and now you're moving furniture?"  I was stunned.  Seriously.  We had been awake for 45 min and housekeeping had already knocked on our door, before 8am!.  I wanted to say something really snarky back to her with some choice words, but Cameryn was awake.  So instead, I chose to say, "Our family has been awake for about 45 min.  I'm so sorry that you're not having a good day.  I really hope that it gets better.  God Bless You."

And then, she slammed her door.

And the public balcony full of visitors one floor below us burst out laughing.

And I flipped her off, wherever she was.

Cameryn loved all of the princesses.  Jordin loved seeing Mickey Mouse everywhere. We had lunch in Cinderella's castle.  Jordin (and Quinn) were able to do the Bippity Boppity Boutique and dressed up as Jasmine (and Belle).  Cam loved Epcot and she loved roller coasters.

Disney World is truly a magical place, no matter what your age!

Side note:  We rented a double stroller from Magic Strollers and it was a great $80 for the week.  I doubt that I'll ever take my stroller with us if we go again.  Magic Strollers was far too easy!

3.  I had a birthday.  I am now 32 years old and Cameryn told me that I was still a kid.  I believe it, too.

4.  I watched the entire season of Big Brother.  And it was terrible. 

5.  I ran a 5k in honor of 9/11.  The race was an emotional experience and so many times I wanted to give up and just walk my ass to the finish line.  But I didn't.  I kept telling myself that no one gave up on 9/11 and I wouldn't either.  I had major cramps in my side and I was hardly able to breathe.  The race wasn't a PR for me, but I finished.  And two days later I ran another 5k and kicked my previous time's ass.  Because I'm super competitive like that.

6.  I've been covering for someone at work while they're on maternity leave.  And my days are filled with work (GASP!) from 8am-5pm.  I feel crazy busy every single day, and some days I feel like I am drowning in my to-do list.  My desk has become a post-it note hazard.  Luckily, this is just a temporary gig and I'll go back to my normal existence in mid-October.  While I am a competitive person, I also realize that I'm not someone who likes to "sell." 

7.  I watched America's Got Talent with Chris.  America is nuts.  The top 3 was wrong.  WRONG. 

8.  I now drive a soccer mom SUV, so it seems right that Cameryn decided that she should play soccer.

Hmmmm.... so maybe our summer wasn't so blog worthy... we still had a fantastic time!

 I cannot wait to catch up with all of you =)

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