Random Thoughts on a Monday

4:13 PM

Rain has been in our forecast for an entire week.  Downpours.  Thunder.  Rain.  Lots of rain.  The dog doesn't like thunder and she barks when she hears it.  I work from home and this can make phone calls and conference calls extremely difficult, I have to mute myself a lot.  I'm considering a Thundershirt for her, does anyone know if they work? 


My father-in-law expanded our deck last week.  I was so worried that it would be 95* and 100% humidity while he was here but instead it poured down rain the entire time.  The deck is awesome and one day we'll enjoy it for more than an hour at a time between thunderstorms.  Cameryn and I did have a little dance party on July 4th.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching her transform from ballerina to ninja in a space large enough that I wouldn't get kicked each and every time she spun around.

(Can you tell I'm over the rain?!)


I got new glasses.  I never get those thick, black frames that are so popular right now.  I tried them a few years ago and I hated them on my face.  They felt bulky.  They were also really uncomfortable when I was lying in bed at night watching tv.  I fall asleep while watching tv and those thick frames hurt my face.  I stick with a lightweight, metal frame.  I just feel like they look better on my face.  I really need them to look good on my face since I wear them from the bathroom to get into bed and watch tv at night.  I wear them for an hour a day, tops.  I really hate glasses.  Always have!


I'm a Big Brother fan but this new cast of hamsters is awful.  I feel like I am watching a bunch of immature high schoolers talking trash about other people to make themselves look "cool" to their friends.  The hatred spewing from their mouths is disgusting.  Julie Chen addressed some of the comments on The Talk today.  I sincerely hope that she also addresses it when these vile people are evicted before the jury.  I definitely have a few favorites that I would like to see at the end of the game but considering they're the unpopular, underdogs in the house who knows who long they'll make it.  Also, I find Amanda highly entertaining.  She provides some comic relief in her DR sessions.  I hope she's not as vile mouthed as the others because that would be a disappointment.  And Elissa?  I hope she kicks some ass. 


The video of the plane crash at SFO gives me chills.   I'm not afraid to fly.  I spent many years traveling from Asia into the USA.  The relief that you feel at the end of the long flight over the Pacific is incredible because OMG!  You can get off the plane.  Finally!  But to have the plane crash upon landing?  I can't imagine.  I really can't.  The terror of that moment may live with them forever.  My dad lives overseas and travels frequently, in fact, he's coming into the USA in a few days.  I'll worry about him as I always do.  You tell people to have a safe flight, but really, it's in the pilots hands, you have no control.  I've been on some scary flights with bad turbulence through storms or to have the plane suddenly drop 10,000 feet with no warning, scary, but I got over it.  But a plane crash?  Not sure I could.  However, the fact that so many people walked away is nothing short of a miracle.  The flight attendants did their job, they saved lives.  God was with Flight 214, there's no doubt about that.


Jordin is mildly obsessed with shoes.  I got her a pair of Pediped shoes for her birthday and she must wear them at all times.  She will get out of the bathtub and immeditately walk away to grab her shoes.  She has a few pairs of shoes but she will always choose these. 

I ordered these shoes from Pediped because the first pink pair that we received as a gift were too big.  I'm not a fan of white shoes but I thought that these were sweet.  Well, when we received them the stitching was coming apart and the leather on the strap was coming away from the backing.  I emailed a pic to the company, fully expecting to have to send them back.  I was completely shocked when they immediately responded and told me that they were shipping us a new pair free of charge, we got to keep the original pair, and they gave me $10 towards my next order.  I was blown away by their customer service.  Now we have two pairs of the same shoe.  Jordin gets a little confused sometimes because she grabs one pair and then looks in the basket and sees the other pair and will grab those too.  Let's hope her shoe obsession doesn't last forever because Chris may be in trouble with three shoe loving girls in the house!

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